Roger St Rose has been nominated for the 2019 World Fair Play Awards among thousands of candidates of all Sports, worldwide.
Roger St Rose is one of those special once in a lifetime personalities that have always carried himself with the utmost dignity, respect, and statesmanship during his tenure as a former national hockey player for Trinidad and Tobago.
He also had a stellar career as an International Hockey Umpire. At the time of his retirement we would have been the first Umpire from the Caribbean and specifically from the small twin island of Trinidad and Tobago to umpire at multiple Champions Trophy, World Cups and Olympics.
After he retired from hockey, he took a sabbatical to pursue his career in law. During this time, he was not active in hockey.
After successfully completing his law degree and being called to the Bar in TTO, he made himself available to the service the sport of hockey but in his home and to the PAHF, He has been on the executive of the TTHB for more than 10m years in various positions, He has also been the Chairperson of the PAHF Umpiring Committee.
Roger has consistently and persistently represented himself as being an honest individual in the execution of his multiple roles and responsibilities, such as Executive Member of the TTHB and PAHF, FIH Elite Umpires Manager, and recently on the FIH Officials Committee.
He demonstrates this fairness as an Umpires Manager by facilitating the growth and development of umpires and umpires Managers in the PAHF sometimes at the expense of his fellow countrymen feeling that he does not have a keen interest in their careers. However, he has the trust and responsibility for the development of all umpires of the PAHF.
Last year he initiated a working committee to explore the development of Umpire mentors. Emanating out of this exercise was the drafting of several documents geared towards clearly defining the pathway to become a PAHF umpire and Umpire Manager.
He was also able to host the first Potential Umpire Manager’s Course for PAHF personnel in December 2019 in Miami. As an FIH Educator Roger uses his role to teach people not only from TTO and PAHF but all over the world. He also lectures at the university in the West Indies on the Art and Science of Coaching.
Roger always makes himself available to a higher calling and this was seen by his nomination and selection to the FIH Umpiring Committee where he has the additional responsibilities of managing the careers of all Umpires and Umpire Managers in the FIH.
International Fair Play Committee
Since its foundation by UNESCO and a number of international sports governing bodies in Paris in 1963 the goal of the International Fair Play Committee is the worldwide defense and promotion of fair play.
The activity of CIFP is aimed at national and international organizations in the field of sports and education, and professional athletes with a special emphasis on children, adolescents and those in charge of training them, namely coaches and trainers.
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