Georgy Galashev
Georgy Galashev
The women’s and men’s national hockey teams of Russia are all set to face their opponents for the FIH Olympic Qualifiers.
The Russian men’s hockey team will travel to the city of Bhubaneswar in India on November 1-2, where it will fight with the national team of India, whilst the Russian women’s hockey team will play two games against Australia on October 25-26 in Perth.
The Russian men’s hockey team is headed by a talented specialist Vladimir Anatolyevich Konkin.. They looked good at the FIH Series tournament in India, having twice beat the Polish team.
And following the results of the European Championship in France, the men’s team returned to the strongest division again.
The Russian women’s team finished fourth at the FIH Series Finals in Hiroshima, before finishing seventh at the Belfuis European Championship 2019 in Belgium.
“Fifty to fifty – I’m an optimist. We have a young, close-knit team with good potential. But, both the rivals are very serious,” said Georgy Valentinovich Galashev, vice president of the Russian Field Hockey Federation (FHTR), in an interview with the OCD Information Service.


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