The Hockey Belgium federation as a whole (KBHB, VHL and LFH) is monitoring the current events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic closely.

The federal authorities and their competent authorities (Sport Flanders and Adeps) have issued important instructions and guidelines in this context.

The aim of these measures is to encourage a maximum number of compatriots to ‘social distancing’ (= reducing the probability of contact between people who are carriers of an infection and other non-infected persons), in order to transfer the virus minimize and delay.

The aim is to enable their health system and the medical teams in the field to continue to function as normally as possible and to continue to care for all sick people.

But for this to work, it is vital that everyone follows the instructions and guidelines to the letter!

The Hockey Belgium Federation has instructed their athletes to not practice hockey or any other team sport in the infrastructures of the hockey clubs. The instruction states;
no matches
no workouts
no organising other activities in the clubhouses (bar, meeting room, changing rooms, fitness room, …)
no meetings
no tactical sessions
no fitness sessions

In this context, and despite the exception allowed by the government for elite athletes, the Belgium national teams will not train in teams for at least another two weeks.

They want to set an example by taking their social responsibility. This applies to Red Lions preparing for the Tokyo Games, but also to the Red Panthers and all youth teams.

Regarding the possible continuation of the current season, several possible scenarios are currently being considered. These will be analyzed in consultation with the clubs in the coming days.

At the end of the measures imposed by the government, time will of course be provided so that all teams can train again a minimum number of times before restarting the different competitions.

Moreover, the Belgium Federation will only encourage everyone to continue to train personally, albeit physically by eg. to walk (only :-), or technically, at home.


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