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Jeewanjot Bath, Shankar Premakanthan and Jonathan Roberts announce their retirement from the Indoor National Team

Jeewanjot Bath, Shankar Premakanthan and Jonathan Roberts are names that may sound familiar, and they should, having been a part of the field hockey community in Ontario and Canada for many years. All three men represented Canada on the Indoor Men’s National team and distinguished themselves among the best indoor players during their time.

Jeewan and Shank first burst onto the indoor scene as 20-years-olds at the first Indoor Pan American Cup held in Rockwood, USA in 2002. Winning gold with the team, Shank also played in the first ever Indoor World Cup in 2003 held in Germany. Jonathan joined them in the 2005 IPAC and the three have been a staple in the team ever since.

Jeewan was selected to the Canadian team for five Indoor Pan Ams, winning an incredible four golds and a bronze medal, as well as wearing the maple leaf for three Indoor World Cups. He also represented Canada on the Mens Outdoor National team for 22 internationals including the 2004 Pan American Cup. He will be ranked among Canada’s best indoor players with silky skills and a fiery passion, but it was his hockey intelligence that stood out most. His brilliance as the heartbeat of Canadian team throughout his time won him admiration from all who watched him, and respect from all his fellow players.

Jeewanjot Bath retires as the most capped indoor player in Canada with 68 internationals over his 15 year career. 

Shankar, known to everyone as Shank, he was the rock between the posts for Canada over four Indoor Pan Ams and four Indoor World Cups. He boasts a perfect record at the IPAC’s with four gold medals to his name as well being named Goalkeeper of the Tournament in Venezuela for the 2010 Indoor Pan American Cup. Due to his incredible speed and agility, Shank was essentially an extra defender on the court, which gave Canada an advantage in every match he played. Capable of momentum changing saves, the highest compliment is that he was could always be counted on. That rare combination of dependability and brilliance, he backstopped Canada for over 10 years.

Shankar retires with 52 international caps, easily the leading goalkeeper for the Indoor Canadian team.

Jonathan, better known as Jono is recognized everywhere for his prowess on the forward line, capable of winning matches on his own and often doing just that. He was first selected for the 2005 Indoor Pan Ams, held on home soil and went on to represent Canada in four IPAC’s, three of which were gold medal performances. He also represented the country at three Indoor World Cups and before his retirement from the international stage. Most amazingly, Jono was deservedly named the MVP and Top Goal Scorer in both the 2010 and 2017 editions of Indoor Pan American Cup. Racking up the individual awards alongside his several gold medals, this is a feat to which is going to be hard to beat. He was feared as a deadly striker who could knife through defences and score at will, but make no mistake, he could do it all.

Jono retires as the second leading capped indoor player in Canada with 63 indoor internationals and 19 outdoor internationals to his name over his illustrious 16 years.

These three men dedicated countless years to the Canadian Indoor team during their time as athletes, most of which they played together. They are among the very best to have represented Canada on the international stage and we are so proud to recognize their incredible achievements, talent and passion for the sport. The sacrifices they made for a self-funded indoor program will never be forgotten to those who had the privilege to play alongside them. They say the best recognition and respect is among your peers, and they have it from us, their teammates in the highest regard. Shank, Jeewan and Jono, you will be missed.

Jeewanjot Bath: 68 Indoor International Caps, 22 Outdoor International Caps

  • Indoor Pan American Cup – 2002 (Gold), 2005 (Gold), 2010 (Gold), 2014 (Gold), 2017 (Bronze)
  • Indoor World Cup – 2007, 2011, 2015
  • 2004 Pan American Cup (Silver)

Shankar Premakanthan: 52 Indoor International Caps

  • Indoor Pan American Cup – 2002 (Gold), 2005 (Gold), 2010 (Gold), 2014 (Gold)
  • Indoor World Cup – 2003, 2007, 2011, 2015

Jonathan Roberts: 63 Indoor International Caps, 19 Outdoor International Caps

  • Indoor Pan American Cup – 2005 (Gold), 2010 (Gold), 2014 (Gold), 2017 (Bronze)
  • Indoor World Cup – 2007, 2011, 2015


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