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The survey initiated by the Task Force Bundesliga – consisting of representatives of the DHB, the BLVV and the Hockeyliga – of the 44 clubs in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga with their 64 teams in total resulted in a majority in favor of one Continuation of the started field season 2019/2020 in late summer / autumn of this year voted.

The alternative, which consisted in the cancellation of the season played so far, received fewer votes and is therefore off the table.

The clubs will soon be able to choose between different ways in which the season will end. For this purpose, the task force has presented three scenarios for the 1st Bundesliga and two for the 2nd Bundesliga.

However, it has been decided not to carry out this scenario coordination for the time being to await the next developments in the Corona crisis.

The task force remains in close contact and will come back to the clubs at the beginning of June at the latest.


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