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Jul 24, 2021 – After the U19 women at noon, the U19 men of the German Hockey Association also ascended the European throne at the European Championship in Valencia (Spain). 

In a “real final” against second place in the group, the Netherlands, a defeat with one goal difference to the tournament victory would have been enough for the team of national coach Rein van Eijk, but the DHB selection did not want to take part in arithmetic games. 

However, the Netherlands showed themselves to be an equal opponent and initially took the lead. Michel Struthoff quickly equalized and Nikas Berendts put the German team in the front after the break. Matteo Poljaric answered the interim equalization immediately from the point with the 3-2 final score. 

After 2007, In 2015 and 2016, for the fourth time, a DHB U18 selection (due to corona, after the cancellation in 2020 this year, an extended U19) won the continental title in this competition. The German U19 also won both individual awards: Jean Danneberg was voted the best goalkeeper of the tournament, Michel Struthoff the player of the tournament.

U19 national coach Rein van Eijk: “The tournament was of course very special these days. We are very grateful to be able to play a European Championship under these conditions and see it as a privilege. We are therefore all the more happy for the boys that they implemented this with the appropriate body tension and the necessary goat. So the title is absolutely okay, the guys took a bite and showed that they are ready for international competition. Personally, I am happy that we can say goodbye to the older boys with a European Championship title. “

After initially scanning both teams, the German U19 men had their first significant chances with two penalty corners: First Jeroen Kerkmeer parried in the Dutch goal with the kicker against Jakob Brilla (9th), then Alex Weterings cleared Michel Struthoff’s shot on the line ( 19.). The negligence in the exploitation of opportunities was to take revenge for the Germans shortly afterwards: If a Dutch free hit on their own circle, the German defense did not switch immediately, quickly executed the ball landed in the circle at Casper van der Veen, who cleverly put the ball up and Completed with the high backhand in the long corner (20th). The Germans were briefly irritated and began to quarrel with the referee’s decisions,

After the break, the German boys got off to a better start and – outnumbered – took the lead with the third penalty corner: Nikas Berendts was successful with a direct flick halfway up to the right to make it 2-1 (34th). In return, the Netherlands could actually have equalized in their first penalty corner, but Jean Danneberg only parried with the bat Miles Bukken’s shot and publisher Duco Telgenkamp missed the long post free-standing (35th). On the other hand, a German corner variation did not work properly and the Dutch equalizer fell a little out of nowhere: Lucas Veen prevailed in the left half of the circle, crossed the baseline and found in front of the German goal Bukkens, who hit the ball to 2: 2 could deflect into the empty goal (44th).

With the 1-goal lead behind them, the German U19s had the game under control in the final quarter, were able to book more possession, but left two more penalty corners. 90 seconds before the end, Danneberg saved a one-on-one against Bukkens Germany from equalizing again and as a final point, the German gentlemen could have pulled away to 4-2, but left the next penalty corner unused, so it was a 3-2 victory stayed, which secured the German U19s the European championship title.


0: 1 Casper van der Veen (20th)
1: 1 Michel Struthoff (24th)
2: 1 Nikas Berendts (KE, 34th)
2: 2 Miles Bukkens (44th)
3: 2 Matteo Poljaric (7m, 44th)

Penalty corners:
GER 7 (1 goal) / NED 1 (no goal)

Seven meters:
GER 1 (1 goal) / NED –

Green cards:
GER 2 (Niklas Tecklenburg, 19th; Michel Struthoff, 33rd) / NED 1 (Finn van Bijnen, 19th)

Alejandro Amarillas (ESP) / Luka Zupancic (AUT)


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