Roelant Oltmans
Image : The Dragflick Media

In a world gripped by the coronavirus, there is no room for sport as we know it, but Malaysia Men’s Hockey coach Roelant Oltmans who is currently now in the Netherlands, is trying to find ways to be innovative during this unprecedented period.

Roelant, has been working hard along with trainer Carl James to keep the feeling of the group strong and has created an online training module encompassing both the physical and mental aspects, and is monitoring his players’ progress through the use of online technology.

Like in most countries, the lockdown to contain the Covid-19 pandemic has been extended in Malaysia, too.

Roelant said it was a challenging time for everyone but will tide over this crisis soon and get back to to the turf but staying motivated in the meantime is absolutely necessary.

“We used to train eight to 10 sessions a week before the Movement Control Order (MCO) was enforced. Currently, the sessions have been reduced to five times a week.As soon as the MCO is lifted, we will come up with a new programme for the players.” Roelant said.

Malaysia has been under total lockdown since March 18. The national lockdown has put a halt to all sporting activities across the country.

National hockey coach Roelant Oltmans was lucky to go back to his home country, the Netherlands last month before the borders closed for travel.

In his absence, Wallace Tan (men’s junior) and Lailin Abu Hassan (women’s coach), are keeping daily tabs on their players.


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