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The Asian Junior Cup also offers four automatic slots for the 2021 Junior World Cup. With India qualifying for the Junior World Cup via tickets as hosts, this sees the top three teams in the tournament fill three more automatic slots to play in the Cup. Dunia Remaja 2021.

Through the list of 29 players announced, five players who are in the list of 30 players of the National Senior Squad, before the start of TNB Malaysia Hockey League 2021, namely, Azrai Aizad Abu Kamal, Noor Firdaus Rosdi, Arif Shafie Ishak, Syarman Mat Tee and Pavandip Singh, Gurdip Singh was also called up to help succeed in the mission of the national Men’s Special Project Squad to qualify for the 2021 Youth World Cup.

With two months left before the 2021 Asian Youth Cup, Wallace Tan hopes every player called will work hard to prove their abilities. they besides being able to form a best collaboration as a team also m exhibit a high fighting spirit.

“What I want from these 29 players is for them to improve their level of play and quality, improve their weaknesses to be better and instill the spirit to fight higher and play as a good team.

“Every player has the opportunity to be in the list of 18, but they need to work harder to ensure their place in the final list that will play in the Asian Youth Cup later and they need to show that they have quality if they want to be listed,” he explained.

The following is a list of 29 players for the 2021 Men’s Special Project Squad:


Goalkeepers :

Che Shahrul Azmi Che Saupi

Muhammad Hamiz Mohd Ahir

Mohd Aidil Mohd Shah

Defenders :

Muhammad Arif Shafie Ishak

Muhammad Nur Asyraf Ishak

Syarman Mat Tee

Muhammad Saifuddin Ali

Muhammad Kamarulzaman Kamaruddin

Muhammad Amirul Hamizan Azahar

Muhammad Shafiq Hassan

Adam Aiman Mamat

Muhammad Fahmi Khalid

Midfielders :

Shello Silverius

Muhammad Nursyahmi Zukifli

Muhammad Syawal Abd Razak

Nasrul Syahkhir Sadikul

Muhammad Hafizi Zainuddin

Alfarico Lance Liau Jr

Muhammad Izham Azhar

Pavandip Singh Gurdip Singh

Muhammad Syamim Naim Abd Hamid

Forwards :

Muhammad Noor Firdaus Rosdi

Mohamad Akhimullah Anuar Esook

Muhammad Azrai Aizad Abu Kamal

Muhammad Amirul Haniff Mamat

Muhammad Muhibuddin Moharam

Muhajir Abdu Rauf

Mohamad Shamir Rizmi Mohd Shamsul

Nukman Hakim Mohamad


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