Following the current developments with regard to the containment of the coronavirus in the Netherlands, the KNHB has suspended all games until March 31.
This is a measure that has been taken for all teams regardless of level and competitions. This measure will take effect immediately.
The KNHB strives to make up for the canceled matches at a later date and will investigate the possibilities.
In addition to the national measures, the KNHB has also asked its associations to cancel all hockey activities (training, meetings, etc.) until March 31, even if these meetings / training involve less than 100 people.
It goes without saying that the activities organized by the KNHB will not take place during the same period.
The KNHB is still considering how to deal with the preparation of the national teams for Tokyo and the advice on this from NOC * NSF.
Unfortunately, it is expected that this new coronavirus will remain with the population for a longer period of time.
All advice and measures from RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) are aimed at limiting or delaying the consequences of this virus outbreak.
The KNHB supports this objective, just like NOC * NSF and other sports associations.


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