The South African Hockey Association have announced that the upcoming International hockey series in Durban featuring Ireland, Japan, China, Great Britain and South Africa has been cancelled as part of the preventative measures against the COVID-19 pandemic.
The decision was made after discussions between the various national associations who decided that a cancellation of the series would be in the best interest of all teams involved.
 “Although the wonderful KwaZulu Natal hockey supporters will be disappointed that the series will no longer go ahead, we know they will be understanding of the decision.” said Marissa Langeni, CEO of SA Hockey,
“With the global situation remaining fluid,  travel restrictions being announced on a daily basis, teams cannot be assured of returning home timeously and that uncertainty along with the sensitivity of possible exposure to the virus means that this was the best option for all parties involved.” she added.
The series was to run from 19 March to the 03 April at Riverside Hockey club in Durban North with 17 matches being played.


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