On 6th and 7th March 2020, the two hockey teams going to face each other for the FIH Pro League 2020 are Australia and Argentina women’s hockey teams.
For all Dream11 enthusiasts out there, it’s time to create your playing XI squad comprised of players from both the teams so that you can maximise your chances of earning money online, irrespective of what team you are rooting for.
Here is everything you need to know about Australia vs Argentina women’s hockey FIH Pro League match Dream 11 predictions, fantasy hockey tips and more.
FIH Pro League 2020 | Dream 11
FIH Pro League 2020 | Dream 11
Stats in this match
Argentina women are World Ranked 3, while the Australian women are World Ranked 2. Currently, Argentina sit third on the points table, while Australia sit fourth.
Who is more likely to win?
Going by current form, 85% fans predict the Argentina women will win this match.
How many goals?
Pundits predict more than 4 combined goals for this match.
Stats and Top Picks for Argentina
Main Goalkeeper : SUCCI Belen
Fantasy Captain : MERINO Delfina (Has scored)
Fantasy Vice Captain : ALBERTARRIO Agustina
Assured Scorers :
  • LUCHETTI Rosario
  • JANKUNAS Julieta
  • ALBERTARRIO Agustina
  • GRANATTO Maria
  • LUCHETTI Rosario
  • GORZELANY Agustina
Stats and Top Picks for Australia
Main Goalkeeper : LYNCH Rachael
Fantasy Captain : BONE Edwina ( Has scored)
Fantasy Vice Captain : COMMERFORD Kalindi ( Has scored)
Assured Scorers :
  • STEWART Grace
  • COMMERFORD Kalindi
  • KERSHAW Stephanie
  • BONE Edwina
  • MALONE Ambrosia
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Sign up to win!
Download app from here. Click on the ‘Create Team’ button at the bottom left corner. Select one Goalkeeper, 3-5 Defenders, 3-5 Midfielders and 1-3 Forwards. Each player carries certain points. You can select a maximum of 7 players from a team.
FIH Pro League 2020 | Dream 11
FIH Pro League 2020 | Dream 11
How to follow the game :
The best way to follow the tournament is through our Social Media platforms.
Twitter (@thedragflick) will post updates after the match and use the hashtag #FIHProLeague2019, while Facebook will also have stories, photos, reports and more.
Please check Twitter and Facebook for those links once they are live and please send any messages of support through Facebook.


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