German Men's Hockey Team
Pic Courtesy : German Hockey Federation

The German national teams will feature again in the FIH Pro League after an eight-month break on the grounds of the DĂĽsseldorfer HC (all games live on DAZN).

The teams have been in the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital since Wednesday and are preparing. On Monday, the national coaches and team captains presented themselves to the media for an outlook.

The expectations of the two national coaches are quite different, but this also has to do with the opponent. While women’s head coach Xavier Reckinger is hoping for two first wins this season for the two comparisons with the Belgians who just failed to qualify for the Olympics, men’s national coach Kais al Saadi is more cautious before the comparison with the world and European champions:

German men’s team captain Tobias Hauke ​​said;

“We would like to show that we are an opponent on an equal footing for the Belgians. Even after an eight-month break, they still don’t know where they stand.

Women’s captain Janne MĂĽller-Wieland was visibly pleased that the team was able to train and prepare together again after such a long time. She said: 

“We had a relatively large group at the Olympic base in Hamburg that we were able to train with. Therefore we had a more comfortable situation than others. Now it was just a relief to see everyone else again. As a team, we have grown so closely in recent years that it only took a few moments until the spirit was back. “

The Germany vs Belgium matches will be live streamed on DAZN and will be played on the grounds of the Düsseldorfer HC. 


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