Germany Women Hockey Player
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The German Hockey Federation has called for the FIH Pro League games between Germany and Belgium to be put on hold as the effects of the coronavirus make themselves felt.
In a statement, the DHB announced that the Germany vs Belgium men’s and women’s Pro League matches that was schedule to take place in Mönchengladbach (March 19) and Hamburg (March 26) will not take place for the time being and will be ‘put on hold’.
Late Tuesday, the German Federation had announced that the Germany vs Belgium matches would go on as planned, but fans would be banned from attending. That changed just a few hours later after professional hockey leagues across the world cancelled or suspended their matches.
The DHB has been in contact with the FIH. The FIH will decide when the games will be played later in the year.
“Because of the Corona crisis, postponing the games at this time is the only sensible measure,”said DHB General Secretary Heiko von Glahn.
“We will now wait for the coming days and weeks to see how the situation in Germany develops, and then, with the involvement of the responsible institutions, make the appropriate decisions on how to proceed.” he said.
A player from the German women’s hockey team, speaking to the ‘The Dragflick’ said :
‘It is viable decision by the federation. To play behind closed doors is not the answer, in my opinion. For me, re-scheduling it for another date when we’re a bit more clear about the whole situation is a better option.The welfare of every individual is far more important than a hockey match.”
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