Scottish Hockey is invested in the development of all our performance athletes, and having Scottish athletes represent Great Britain (GB) at the Olympic Games is extremely important to us. Therefore, we are delighted when one of our athletes is selected, and disappointed when any of our athletes are not selected for the Olympic Games – the premier event in world hockey.

Within the GB partnership, as a matter of course for all Scottish athletes, selected or otherwise, we request and receive feedback on the rationale leading to selection decisions. We know that selection in team sport is complex and multi-faceted, and as detailed in the GB Framework Agreement, the GB performance director, GB head coach and assistant coaches form a panel and have unambiguous accountability for the selection or de-selection of athletes for all GB related tournaments.

Scottish Hockey is committed to the GB Framework Agreement, and as part of the planned cyclical process, we will use the opportunity to feedback on the effectiveness of the framework from a Scottish perspective, within the wider GB context. We look forward to getting behind the Scottish, English and Welsh athletes competing in GB teams in the Olympics later in the summer.


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