🇩🇪 Germany Hockey : German junior men’s team outclass USA in their second test match
Photo Credit : DHB Hockey

On Thursday evening, the DHB Juniors defeated the US national team 5-2 in the second test match for the U21 World Cup in India at the end of November, and thus the increase demanded by national coach Johannes Schmitz on the SC Frankfurt 80 facility especially shown in the exploitation of opportunities. On Wednesday evening, the first comparison was still 1: 1.

To be awake from the beginning and to keep the pace high, Schmitz had demanded – and MHC’s Mario Schachner had apparently internalized this particularly well, because he scored the lead for the DHB selection in the first minute. New Poloran Paul Smith increased to 2-0 (13th) before the first quarter break. Paul Singh was able to shorten for the guest in the 20th minute, but HTHC Masi Pfandt restored the old two-goal lead shortly before the break.

Pfandt immediately followed suit after the half-time break and made a preliminary decision with a 4-1 win. Berlin’s Matteo Poljaric was even able to increase to 5: 1 (43rd) before the last quarter break, before Vincent Heller from Stuttgart contributed the second goal for the guests six minutes before the end.

The national coach: “I’m happy with the win, of course, but especially with the fact that we implemented what we talked about during the day. The main topic was creating opportunities, using the rooms when setting up, in order to give the opponent tasks We did well. There was, for example, an early opening goal that was played out nicely. Weaker today was the counterattack and the individual performance on the defensive, which means we conceded two goals. This means there is still plenty of room for improvement We will be looking at short corners in the next few days. ”

On Sunday at 1 p.m., the German junior team will meet an A national team again on the SC80 – but this time against Austria.


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