🇲🇾 Malaysia Hockey : 2021 TNB Tun Abdul Razak Men’s Cup – Day Five
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Melaka  strengthened its position to grab a place in the next round after completing the Group B match with a 3-1 victory over Negeri Sembilan at the TNB Tun Abdul Razak Cup Hockey Tournament today.

Melaka completed the group stage campaign with 10 points overall to be at the top of the Group, while Negeri Sembilan, which is currently in third place with six points, has no choice but to win the meeting against Terengganu tomorrow.

Terengganu is also in a comfortable position and a draw against Negeri Sembilan tomorrow is enough to qualify the East Coast squad for the next round.

Melaka came down with an aggressive strategy that clearly paid off when Muhammad Firdaus Omar shook the Negeri Sembilan goal as early as the 5th minute through a penalty corner.

Muhammad Firdaus Fauzi’s field goal in the 26th minute gave Melaka an advantage before M. Saravanan closed the gap for Negeri Sembilan in the 29th minute.

The last two quarters saw Melaka increase their momentum and once again managed to break through the opponent’s defense through Adam Aiman ​​Mamat’s penalty corner in the 40th minute.

Commenting on today’s match, Melaka Team Captain, Muhammad Firdaus Omar said: “We started well and the early goals we got helped strengthen the team’s motivation. There are still finishing problems and they will be fixed in the next round, ”he explained.

Negeri Sembilan has no choice but to win when they face Terengganu tomorrow if they want to brighten their chances for the next round.

Meanwhile, ATM also needs to ensure victory against Kuala Lumpur in the last group match tomorrow to strengthen its position after the match against Penang today ended in a 5-5 draw.

For Kuala Lumpur, only a victory against ATM tomorrow will ensure that James Murthy’s squad is crowned the Group champion with 9 points.

Pahang also came down with a mission to win against Kelantan tomorrow if they hope to qualify for the XY round.

The ATM net started through Razali Mohd Hazemi (35th minute, 48th), Muhammad Affif Azfar Salim (5th minute), Mohd Norhafizie Jamil Azomi (22nd) and Mohd Yaid Yahya (60th minute) while Penang through Rahull Hrsikesa ohd Murni (32nd minute, 41st), Angad Singh Khalsa (20th minute), Muhammad Danish Daniel (42nd) and Izwan Firdaus Ahmad Tajuddin (60th).

“We are a bit stuck until Penang can tie the score and this matter will be improved in the important match against Kuala Lumpur tomorrow,” said ATM defender Mohd Yazid Yahya.

Group A rivals Perak won the title with 7 points overall despite a 2-2 draw with Selangor in the last Group match.

Selangor was white-eyed when they only collected four points in the Group stage competition and failed to compete with PDRM which had previously defeated Sabah 2-1 to advance to the next round as the Group runners-up.

When Selangor had won and three full points, Perak captain Shazril Irwan Nazli scored the equalizer to eliminate and destroy Selangor’s hopes.

Muhd Faisol Rozihan’s early goal from Selangor’s penalty corner as early as the 2nd minute really surprised Perak who had difficulty controlling the game.

Muhammad Fikri Amer Runnizar extended the lead for Selangor in the 29th minute but Perak was able to close the goal gap through Saiful Sharil Bahri’s field goal in the 30th minute.

With six minutes left in the match, Shazril Irwan then found the net as a result of a penalty corner to equalize, thus confirming Perak’s progress.

PDRM had to fight hard before beating Sabah 2-1 and at the same time grab the second position in the Group to advance to the next round.

Sabah was first in front through Muhammad Salman Sudirman’s field goal.

Baljit Singh emerged as the hero of PDRM when he saved the team from being eliminated through two goals in the 43rd and 51st minutes.

“We are relieved to get to the next round after being given great resistance by Sabah. In the first 15 minutes, the players were a bit shaky, but they were able to control the pace and calmer in the last quarter to help this victory, “said Baljit.


MATCH SCHEDULE (Monday, 15/11/21)


Group C (4:00 p.m.)

NHS 1: Kuala Lumpur mln ATM

NHS 2: Pahang mln Kelantan


Group B (6:00 p.m.)

NHS 1: Kedah mln Perlis

NHS 2: Terengganu mln Negeri Sembilan


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