🇲🇾 Malaysia Hockey : 2021 TNB Tun Abdul Razak Men’s Cup – Day Six
Photo Credit : MHC

Pahang celebrated the goal by beating Kelantan 12-1 to win Group C, thus overcoming Kuala Lumpur which emerged runners-up in the Group at the 59th Tun Abdul Razak Cup TNB Hockey Tournament (Men) at the National Hockey Stadium today.

In another Group C match, KUALA LUMPUR breathed a sigh of relief when they confirmed their place in the XY round after beating ATM 6-2 to grab second place in the group despite being tied by 9 points with Pahang, which emerged as the champions with an advantage based on 18 goals compared to 17. Kuala Lumpur goal.

Pahang is clearly too powerful for Kelantan which has to accept the fact that it ended up in the last rung of the campaign this time.

Muhammad Idris Samad scored a hat-trick (35th, 36th, 54th minutes), while Ismail Abu (8th, 19th minutes) Muhammad Hafiz Zainol (34th, 35th minutes) and Syamil Azim Dzulkafly (48th, 50th minutes) ) each contributed two goals while Mohamad Harris Iskandar Osman (42nd minute), Muhammad Izham Azhar (46th minute) and Shafiq Ikhmal Daniel Suzaini (58th minute) each scored one goal for Pahang.

Kuala Lumpur came down with high confidence, excelling in the last two quarters for the match to put aside the challenge of ATM who came down as group leaders with 7 points.

After Muhammad Amirol Aideed Arshad’s early goal in the 6th minute, ATM equalized through Mohamad Sufian Masrom in the 31st minute.

Kuala Lumpur bounced back in the third quarter and managed to score the ATM goal through Mohammad Syamin Yusof (38th minute), Muhammad Sabri Mohamad (40) and Danial Asyraf Abdul Ghani (51) before ATM tried to close the gap through Mohd Yazid in the 53rd minute.

Field goals from Muhammad Shahfirul Azmal Muhd ​​Saiful (57th minute) and Wan Hisyamuddin Wan Amer Ruzman two minutes before the end of the game completed Kuala Lumpur’s big victory.

“We had to be patient and try to get as many corner penalties and the third goal changed the momentum of the game. For the next competition, we will continue to improve some weaknesses such as the frequency of making simple mistakes, ”said Kuala Lumpur operator James Murthy.

In the Group B competition, the competition to find another team that qualifies for the XY round was fierce after a slot was filled first by Melaka yesterday. The remaining one slot was filled by TERENGGANU after defeating NEGERI SEMBILAN 3-2 which also saw them crowned as Group B champions .

Negeri Sembilan went down with a must-win mission disappointed with Luqman Nul Hakim Ahmad Shukran’s winning goal in the 42nd minute after both teams were tied 2-2.

Mohd Shahrun Nabil Abdullah had earlier scored for Terengganu in the 27th and 37th minutes while Negeri Sembilan scored through Shahmie Irfhan Suhaimi (6th and 40th minutes).

Even after winning, Terengganu manager K. Rajan was not satisfied with the performance of his men which was considered to be the worst performance so far. “Not following instructions, many mistakes and so on. So we will fix all this for the XY round later, ”he said.

Meanwhile, Perlis completed the tournament with the only 2-1 victory over Kedah .

Voting for the next round, Group XY saw Group X filled by PDRM, Terengganu and Pahang while Group Y was occupied by Perak, Melaka and Kuala Lumpur to grab four slots to the semi -finals of the TNB Tun Abdul Razak Cup (Men) 2021.


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