🇲🇾 Malaysia Hockey : 2021 TNB Tun Abdul Razak Women’s Cup – Day Five

The two remaining slots for the next round for Group C, the 2021 Tun Abdul Razak Cup (Women) TNB Championship were finally filled by Penang and Kuala Lumpur after both teams were named group champions and runners-up.

Penang emerged Group C champions with an unbeaten record and collected a maximum of nine points after beating Sarawak 3-1 in the final group match and Kuala Lumpur emerged runners-up in Group C with four points overall after disappointing Terengganu 3-1 in the final group stage. takes place today.

Kuala Lumpur who came down with a mandatory mission to win in the last action of the group stage to ensure a slot to the next round did not wait long to rip Terengganu’s goal when Hasya Syahida Saifuddin opened the scoring in the 12th minute.

Terengganu, however, was seen trying to chase the position after Auni Atikah Gahni scored the equalizer in the 18th minute and the position remained until the end of the first half.

Three minutes into the second half, Kuala Lumpur continued to widen the goal gap this time. 1 remained until the end of the match and at the same time took Kuala Lumpur to the next round.

Kuala Lumpur Squad Head Coach, Kannagi Arumugan praised his players who ensured that the life and death mission in today’s match was paid off with a victory even though the last two matches were not many.

“The first two matches in the group stage, there were a lot of mistakes in terms of understanding, especially. Today’s match we have indeed done meticulously planning as it is a life or death mission.

“Unlike Terengganu which is only looking for a draw, we need a win so we raise the motivation of the players and tell the players that we have no choice and we need a win to qualify for the next round,” he explained.

In another action that took place, Penang did not face any problem to ensure the unbeaten record in the group competition remained with the 3-1 victory recorded in the last meeting.

Penang, however, had to wait until the 39th minute to score the first goal after the advantage of the penalty corner was completed by Allisya Yushira Badri. Penang doubled the lead in the 51st minute with a field goal by Siti Nur Arfah Mohd Nor.

Sarawak, however, tried to chase the position through a field goal by Elizaberth Epui son of Martin in the 53rd minute but a minute later, Penang ensured their absolute victory when team captain, Putri Nur Batrisyia Nornawawi scored the third goal for Penang and position 3 -1 remains until the end of the match.

Six slots in the Group XY round have been completed for the women’s category and through the voting conducted after the last match this morning, Group X is occupied by Pahang, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur while Group Y is filled by Melaka, Kedah and Penang.


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