🇲🇾 Malaysia Hockey : 2021 TNB Tun Abdul Razak Women’s Cup – Day Six
Photo Credit : Malaysian Hockey Confederation

The second round action, TNB Tun Abdul Razak Cup (Women) 2021 which continues today saw Pahang achieve their first victory in Group X after beating Selangor 2-1 while Kedah and Melaka had to be content to share one point in Group Y.

Pahang’s first win brightened their chances of grabbing a slot in the semi -finals as representatives from Group X and down to meet Kuala Lumpur tomorrow, Pahang only need a draw to confirm their place.

Melaka, however, have no other choice and will have to seal a victory when they meet Penang tomorrow for their last action in Group Y to turn their chances to the semi -finals.

In the intense meeting between Pahang and Selangor, Pahang was forced to make a comeback in sealing the victory today after Selangor first opened the scoring in the 9th minute as a result of the advantage of a penalty corner shot completed by Ellya Amanina Ellias.

Entering the second quarter, Pahang immediately equalized when Nur Shazwani Zakaria managed to rip Selangor’s goal in the 21st minute as a result of a field movement before Thiba Tharshini James contributed Pahang’s winning goal through a field goal in the 46th minute.

Pahang team operator, Mohamad Sabri Mohamad was thankful for the victory achieved by his coaching squad and described the preparations including analyzing Selangor’s penalty corner before today’s action was successful when Pahang managed to block some of Selangor’s penalty corner.

“Our first quarter started with a lack of confidence but after the players scored the equalizer, we managed to get up and correct our playing position and managed to produce the second goal.

“Alhamdulillah, the players managed to stop Selangor from scoring a goal through a penalty corner, but I was a bit worried when we had the advantage to score a field goal but it was a little blunt.

“Although we lack the time to fix the shortcomings but me and the players will try to correct each of our weaknesses,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the fight for a slot to the semi-finals for group Y is still open after Melaka and Kedah had to be satisfied with one point shared as a result of the 2-2 draw that they recorded today.

Kedah, however, managed to open the scoring first in the 17th minute as a result of a field goal by national striker, Nuramirah Shakirah Zulkifli before Melaka returned to chase the position as well as a field goal a minute later through Nur Shamine Azureen Mohammed Badushah.

The position remained close to the first half and continued the action of the second half, Kedah was once again ahead through a goal by Nur Safawati Najwa Fadzil in the 42nd minute and a minute before the end of the match, Melaka destroyed Kedah’s dream to collect three points when Khairunnisa Ayuni Mohd Sharuddin scored the equalizer for the match ended 2-2.

The match determined the 7th to 12th position and the meeting between Sabah and PDRM for Group Z ended with both teams sharing one point without any goals being scored.

As for the Group W action, Negeri Sembilan and Perak also brought home one point when the match ended with a 1-1 draw.

Negeri Sembilan first scored in the 36th minute through Nurul Azlin Zulkiflee’s field movement before Perak equalized as a result of a penalty corner shot completed by Amira Natasha Abu Hashim a few seconds later and the position remained until the end of the match.


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