Some of the world’s greatest athletes aren’t just one-sport players; instead, they have gone on to excel in two and sometimes in several sports at the same time.

Meet, Amy Robinson. She is only 23-years old, but is already a sensation in New Zealand, for being a two-sport star.

This multi-talent woman, not only plays hockey for the Black Sticks women’s hockey team, but is also a national level field and track athlete.

In 2013, she set an Under-17 record in the 300m hurdle for New Zealand. In 2014, she competed at the Youth Olympics in Hockey and in 2016, she was a part of New Zealand’s Under-21 squad at the Junior World Cup.

One of the most polarizing personalities, for Amy, speed is her lethal weapon – an essential ingredient for her to staying competitive. Since her debut, she has represented the Black Sticks women’s hockey team 63 times.

As a part of our #AbsoluteInspiration series, the Commonwealth games gold medallist, opens up about her inspiration to take up hockey, things she loves and believes in, the role of her mother in her career, and the women who have impacted her life.

The DragFlick: At what age did you start playing hockey?
Amy Robinson : My passion for sports started at a young age. I was 6 years old, when i started playing hockey.
How did you become interested in playing hockey?
I always wanted to pursue a team sport at school, but i didn’t really want to play netball, so I picked hockey and have been playing ever since.
What have you studied and what do you do apart from playing hockey ?
I have completed my Bachelors degree in Sport and Recreation. I work at the Tauranga Intermediate School in their sports department. My role is to get kids involved in various kinds of sports.
One significant/career defining moment in your life
It was definitely when i was being called into the Commonwealth games squad and of-course winning the Gold there.
Was your mother a role model for you growing up. How did she help make you the woman you are?
Yes, of course. My mom, she has always supported me in everything I chose to do. She always made sure I put 100% effort into everything I did.
What do you think we should be doing to encourage more girls to consider a career in hockey?
I believe there needs to be more specific hockey programs and events focused for girls.
Your favourite “Life Lesson Quote” and how it was relevant to you in your life
Give everything a go and take all the opportunities you get, you never know what you may be good at.
For me personally, I tried playing a range of sports. I have also always kept my options open.
Can you talk about one woman apart from your mother who has impacted your life?
It has to be my grandmother. She too, like my mother, always supported me. She always took me to my sporting events.To this day, I still get encouraging messages from her before every game and race.
What are your favourite books, websites, films and resources?
Ah, you wouldn’t really find me with a book or watching a film. Something, I enjoy doing is baking, when i get time. I also love going to the beach to simply unwind.
What all can one find inside your gym bag?
Not always my gym bag, but for recovery you will always find my Shakti mat, I find it the ultimate thing to fully relax myself.
One thing you cannot do without
Sleep, I can get really sad and worked up, when I’m tired. On tours, I like to nap during the day.
One piece of advice you would like to give our women readers?
I always say, don’t be afraid to try new things and give everything a go. If you really believe in something, don’t let anyone or anything hold you back.
Your idol/inspiration
Lisa Carrington. She is New Zealand’s flat-water canoer. – she is a strong woman who has achieved many incredible achievements. I really admire her. She is also a very down to earth person.

This interview is a part of The Dragflick’s #AbsoluteInspiration series that runs in honour to celebrate the March – International Women’s Month.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the latest news in field hockey. 


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