🇳🇱 Netherlands Hockey : Alyson Annan names 2021-22 FIH Pro League core group
Photo Credit : KHNB

The national coach of the Dutch National Women’s Team, Alyson Annan, has put together a new training group in preparation for the FIH Pro League 2021-2022. This group, in which all players who won gold at the Olympic Games in Tokyo last summer are missing, trains two days a week under the guidance of Annan and her staff.

Alyson Annan has deliberately released the players who were in Tokyo. The players in the current training group are given the opportunity to show whether they can join the selection.

At the moment it is not yet known where and when the Dutch National Team will play its first game in the FIH Pro League. Prior to that match, Annan will announce her match selection.

List of the players selected :

First Name Last name  Association
Marento Barentsen THC Hurley
joosje Burg HC ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Sanne carls HC Bloemendaal
tessa classener hdm
Elin Erik, from HC Victoria
Kyra Fortune SCHC
Anna Geus, de SCHC
Stella Gils, van Pinoke
kiki Gunneman (k) Pinoke
Margot Hecking Colenbrander, van hdm
Alexandra Heerbaart (k) SCHC
demi hilterman HC Bloemendaal
Yibby Janssen SCHC
lana Kalse Pinoke
Ilse Kappelle Amsterdam H. & BC
Maartje cricket HC ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Renee Laarhoven, van SCHC
Lisa Lejeune HGC
Freeke muse Amsterdam H. & BC
fiona morning star HC Orange-Red
Gabrielle mosch SV Kampong Hockey
Pleun pee, van der HC ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Sabine Plonissen Amsterdam H. & BC
Lisa Post HC Orange-Red
Julia Remmerswaal (k) hdm
famke Richardson SCHC
hester Field, van der Amsterdam H & BC
danique Fisherman (k) HC Bloemendaal


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