The Argentina women’s national team of field hockey has closed the series of five games played against Spain in the Virgen del Carmen-Beteró Sports Center. In this last match, Spain has finished with defeat against the American team (0-2).

A very disputed match between both rivals, who have continued to be impressive and very similar to the four duels held earlier this week.

In this way, the match went unchanged on the scoreboard until almost reaching the equator of the same. It was in the final section of the second quarter, when Noel Barrionuevo opened the scoring, getting a chance from the penalty corner.

Result with which the rest was exceeded. A time where locals sought to return the match to the luminous. A search that continued in the final fifteen minutes. A time where the Americans, through a counterattack, would take the second to the scoreboard.

One result, which through another rapid offensive transition, could widen the difference with the launch of a stroke. One occasion, however, had the brilliant performance under the sticks of Melanie García, which cleared the launch.

With this confrontation, the #RedSticks close their penultimate preparatory appointment before the pre-Olympic qualifying dispute.

A group, which already with the final call for double clash against Korea, will meet again in Valencia at the beginning of next week.


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