🌀FIH Pro League : Argentina Men’s Hockey team crush France in their seventh Pro League match
thedragflick.com/Credits : Instagram/Pan Am Hockey

Dragflick Newsdesk : The Lions turned it around and beat France 4-2 with goals from Tobías Martins (two), Tomás Domene and Lautaro Ferrero. The key was in the last quarter when the Argentineans settled on the field and were able to bring to light the best game plan; two goals came through the penalty corner.

Argentina settled with that result in the FIH Pro League, a tournament in which they are fourth and 13 points behind the leader India but with five fewer games. This Sunday at 6:30 p.m. they will face France again.

The match started very dynamic on both sides, with the Argentine team quickly taking control of the ball and managing the match times. The French threatened with some counterattacks that were deactivated by the rival defense.

In the first entrance to the area, with a penetration by Mazzilli, the first short was achieved; strong drag of Domene and TobĂ­as Martins, in his first official match with the Lions, he captured the rebound and scored the 1-0.

The second quarter continued with a dominant Argentine team in the game while France arrived, but without causing danger to the goal defended by Emiliano Bosso. However, he got the penalty, Clement’s drag hit the foot of the player who was protecting the post and a penalty, through Etienne Tynevez, made it 1-1.

The third quarter did not start well at all for those led by Mariano Ronconi. The French dominated and locked up the Argentine team in their field. After several attacks, a shot on goal caused Emiliano Bosso to rebound and Antonin Igau made it 2-1.

The Lions recovered and with the power of their forwards they were able to break the French defense and reach an equalizer with Tomás Domene‘s drag to tie the game. Minutes later a new short put them ahead on the scoreboard and it was Lautaro Ferrero who, with another strong drag to the near post, made it 3-2.

Finally, with a French team launched into the attack, the speed with the ball dominated by the Argentine strikers was the unbalancing factor. Thus, the center back came from an overflow so that TobĂ­as Martins settled the match. And it will unleash the full party at the National Center for High Performance Sports, which will surely be dyed with Argentine colors again.


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