🌀FIH Pro League : Argentina Men’s Hockey team fall to France in their eighth Pro League match
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Dragflick Newsdesk : The afternoon had begun with a reconnaissance. Fair, deserved. A recognition for five Lions who bathed in gold six years ago at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and who left the national team.

There were applause, emotions and jerseys with golden names and numbers as a distinction for former captain Pedro Ibarra, Juan Manuel Vivaldi, Juan MartĂ­n LĂłpez, Ignacio Ortiz and Lucas Vila. All of them entered the synthetic of the National Center for High Performance Sports to receive the well-deserved ovation…

And then to play. And to face France again, the adversary who had been thrashed on Saturday night and who came out to play with a different mentality and with the aim of scoring. That is why it was not surprising that the visit started in a full offensive posture. And right away, the French just had their first chance to score, but the play ended with an excellent save by Nehuén Hernando, who made his debut for the Lions. It was Stanislas Branicki who made it 1-0 for his team after 11 minutes. So that Argentina began to worry seriously.

At the start of the second quarter the loser came out ready to equalize and even had the numerical advantage when Etienne Tynevez received the green card. But his rival, an absolute improvement over what he had shown 24 hours earlier, began to circulate the ball with precise passes and a superior offensive attitude.

That’s how he got to the short corner, although Hernando showed off with the save. Argentina had lost control of the game at that point and two green cards decimated it before the end of the first half.

In the third quarter, Argentina had the first opportunity through AgustĂ­n Mazzilli, who after a good maneuver shot on goal but Thieffry showed off with his intervention. The locals continued to dominate the ball and had a greater presence in the opponent’s field, although they could not reach the goal.

Finally, in the last 15 minutes, a short finished defining the result. At 21, Charles Masson scored the second for France. The final push was not enough. Even when Argentina finished the last three minutes of the match with a man extra for the yellow card received by captain Gaspard Baumgartner. The result was not modified and the joy was all French.

Next weekend there will be a chance for revenge. South Africa, last without units, will visit Argentina and Mariano Ronconi‘s team will have the chance to win again in the FIH Pro League, where it has 14 points and is fourth, 13 units behind India, which has four more games. To continue growing in his goal of reaching the World Cup in India in the best way.


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