Argentina : Youth Olympic Games : A pass to the future into becoming part of the Las Leonas
Photo Credits : FIH

The Argentine girls who are getting ready to compete in hockey5s at Buenos Aires 2018 are not only dreaming of getting a gold medal. They also hope this experience at the Youth Olympic Games helps them fulfil a dream in a few years in becoming part of Las Leonas, the Argentine women’s national field hockey team.

The competition at Buenos Aires 2018 will be held on the synthetic fields in the stadium within the Youth Olympic Park. The tournament will start on October 7 and the final will be held on October 14 with Las Leonas as the special spectators in the crowds. They already have their Youth Olympic Passes so they’ll be able to cheer them on.

There are seven members on the current team who know very well the value of the Youth Olympic Games because they participated in the first two summer editions. They even got to climb the podium, a day they’ll remember forever and which signified their first big moment wearing the Argentine jersey.

In the first edition at Singapore 2010 – which used the traditional field hockey format with 11 players – the team made it to the final and lost to the Netherlands. Two of the current Leonas took home the silver medal in that tournament: Agustina Albertario and Florencia Habif.

Four years later at Nanjing 2014, hockey was played in the reduced hockey5s format and Argentina’s national team took home another medal. Julieta Jankunas, Eugenia Trinchinetti, Paula Ortíz, Sofía Toccalino and Bárbara Dichiara clinched the bronze after beating Japan. Agustín Corradini was the coach that accompanied the team for that victory.

Las Leonas now have their Passes to be able to see all the sports in October. With their electronic bracelets that they received free of charge after registering at, they can enter the Parks as well as the stand alone venues. Not to mention supporting their heirs in the hockey5s matches.