Exactly 31 years ago, The 1988 Summer Olympic Games were upon us, and was a great time for all nations to cheer for their best athletes as they felt that surge of patriotism the Olympics brings out in us.
The Hockey matches at the 1988 Olympic games were held from 18 September to 1 October 1988 at the Seongnam Stadium in Seongnam in South Korea.
Twenty teams (twelve for men and eight for women) competed in the tournament.
In the men’s category, Great Britain beat West Germany (3–1) in the finals to win their third Olympic gold medal. The Netherlands won the bronze medal by defeating Australia (2-1). Australia finished fourth, Pakistan fifth and India finished sixth.
In the women’s category, the Australian women beat Korea (2-0) in the finals to win the Olympic gold medal. The Netherlands won the bronze medal by defeating Great Britain (3-1). Great Britain finished fourth, West Germany fifth and Canada finished sixth.
As this year marks the 31st anniversary of the 1988 Olympic games, and as Tokyo prepares to welcome the world for the 2020 Olympic Games next year, we look back on some memorable ‘hockey’ images from the 1988 Summer Olympic Games.
The memorable lighting of the cauldron at Olympic Stadium
1988 Olympics in South Korea provided some spectacular scenes
South Korea’s Stadium played host to a vast ceremony
Fireworks are crucial to any opening ceremony and the Korea made sure they had plenty
Korea welcomed the Games in their own unique way in 1988
And what opening ceremony would be complete without a sky pack…….
Australian women hockey players show-off their Gold Medal and why not……
Great Britain men’s hockey team strike a “Gold medal victory” pose
What expression and that 80’s style quotient is simply too good! Don’t you agree?
Media always the epicentre of any games….thanks to them we have these images.
It is has to be ‘lethal’ if Netherlands and Australia women are on field…
The Great ‘Gill Brown’ of Great Britain (white) in action against the Netherlands.
‘Subramani Baladadalaiash’ of India shoots past ‘Suk-Chan-Song’ of South Korea. India finished sixth at the games.
‘Jacques Brinkman’ of the Netherlands (left) is challenged by ‘Edgardo Pailos’ of Argentina. 
Minister for Sport ‘Colin Moynihan’ takes a snap of the triumphant Great Britain team
Front view of the ‘Saddledome Olympic Center’, venue of the 1988 games
Host, Korea in action against the Great Britain women. ‘Korea’ finished second at the games.

This was the ‘Final match’ action shot between the Korean and Australian women. Australia beat Korea ‘2 – 0’ to clinch the “Gold” 

Hugs Hugs and more Hugs. Great Britain Goalkeeper ‘Ian Taylor’ with Indian born GB player ‘Kulbir Bhaura’

The Iconic Former Australian Captain ‘Debbie Bowman’ (left) with teammate ‘Maree Fish’ pictured at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul.

Australia’s ‘Ric Charlesworth’ pictured in action against Great Britain. Ric (36) was the oldest player for Australia at the 1988 games.

The Winning ‘Great Britain’ squad pictured post defeating West Germany …

The Great Britain hockey players pictured celebrating their ‘3-1’ victory against West Germany …..

And that’s what we have! 

Photo Courtesy : Bob Thomas & Popperfoto


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