Photo Credits : AHF

A four-day high performance Level 3 coaching course wrapped up in Ipoh, Malaysia, yesterday with participants leaving with new perspectives on the best ways to train their athletes.

14 participants from all 5 continents, participated in the course.

The course was headed by Mr. Siegfried Aikman (FIH Senior Coach and FIHA Trainer), Mr. Mike Joyce (FIHA Senior Trainer), and Mr. Lim (FIH Coach HP and FIHA Trainer).

The whole aim of the course was to support the growth of field hockey. The course provided a mix of theory and practice.

The contents of the course included the teaching of advanced skills and tactics, Principles of Attack, Principles of Defence, Use of Technology, High-Performance planning, Philosophy, Values and Culture, and much more.

The participants also got a chance to put these skills into practice and analyse real-life scenarios by implementing their skills during the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2019.

Mr. Zahid Ali (FIHA Trainer and International coach), who is also responsible for the development of hockey in many developing regions in Asia, wished the participants a productive course.

Coaches are the backbone of the development of our sport and no doubt participants will see a long-term benefit from the programme.

Undoubtedly a successful venture, the efforts of the coach educators were well received and greatly appreciated.


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