Australia Wins Oceania Youth Olympic Games Gold Medals
Photo Credits : Hockey Australia

Australia have won gold medals in the men’s and women’s 2018 Oceania Youth Olympic Games tournament in Port Moresby over the weekend.

Both Australian men’s and women’s sides comfortably won their tournaments which were played in Port Moresby from April 25-28 in the Hockey 5’s format.

Australia defeated Vanuatu in both gold medal matches on Saturday, with the men triumphing 16-0 and women winning 29-0.

Australia’s Benjamin White finished as top scorer with 28 goals, along with Lewis Fossey (24) and Miles Davis (22) in the men’s qualifiers.

Australia’s Courtney Schonell was the women’s top scorer with 37 goals, while Emma de Broughe (32) and Jolie Sertorio (30) weren’t far behind.

The Australian sides were coached by Ben Bishop (mens) and Tim White (womens).

Head to for full information and statistics from the Oceania Qualifiers.

The 2018 Youth Olympics will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from October 6-22.


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