🏆 EuroHockey Championship II : Austria men beat Ukraine to book their Semi-Final spot
Photo Credit : Austria Hockey

Ukraine vs. Austria 1: 2 (1: 0)
Goals: Dominic Uher (2)

AUT reached the semifinals 5 seconds before the end with the decisive goal from Uher! With this, Dominic Uher is also voted MVP of the game.

In the 1st quarter, not much happens on both sides – a first careful palpation without much risk. Both teams act from a compact defense and there are no large shooting circle scenes.

But the 2nd quarter has a lot more fire. Central defender Xaver Hasun has the first huge chance in minute 16: almost like a penalty shoot-out, he runs halfway across the pitch towards the Ukrainian goalkeeper.

In a direct 1: 1 he is driven too far to the right and can only push the ball from an acute angle to the outside netting.

2 minutes later – Austria is working on the first short corner. The ball cannot be stopped and the counterattack for Ukraine is on: 4 against 3 Austrian defenders, the ball is ideally played on the free man, the Austrians fight their way back at full speed, but in the disorderly defense the Ukrainians mix two simple ones Add their goal 1 hook + 1 full shot and it is 1-0 for Ukraine.

5 minutes before half-time: R. Bele takes the next corner for Austria, again the place seems to be to blame for the bad corner stop. Just before half-time, another corner alarm – unnecessary jostling of the Austrian defense is punished with a penalty corner for the Ukraine, but Szymczyk fends off in the Austrian goal.

It starts the 3rd quarter. The domestic fans are already nervous in front of the live stream – 2 goals are essential, otherwise he will be out of the dream of the World Cup qualifier. But time seems to be running out. 

10 minutes left in this quarter and a short corner for Austria, but well defended by Ukraine. 6 minutes to go – again penalty corner for Austria. At first Uher fails but in the second attempt the goal succeeds and with it the longed-for compensation.

The Austrians have to act more offensively, but the Ukraine also disrupts the build-up of the Austrian defense very early on. The ball is played from left to right, but you can’t really find your own strikers. 

And if the ball does come forward, the strikers stand in front of a blue wall. Unterkircher fights for balls and works hard, but unfortunately only missed opportunities remain as a result. It is desperate, because Austria has long been the team that determines the game, but the round does not want to go into the square. 

The last quarter has to bring the decision. In the event of a tie, Ukraine are through, in a win the Austrians are in the semi-finals. 12 minutes to go – again Unterkircher, who takes the next penalty corner – unfortunately nothing! 6 minutes left, there is no such thing, Binder gets a yellow card and thus a time exclusion of 5 minutes, that is, outnumbered until almost the end of the game. 

Nevertheless, the Austrian team risks everything and gets the goalkeeper off the field. “Empty goal” for Ukraine. But the Austrians are on the ball, again Unterkircher prevails and fails with his shot at the goalie.

1 minute left on the clock. Binder comes back and a Ukrainian player is excluded, so there is an outnumbering for Austria. The power play is set up, but Austria loses the ball on the sideline. 20 seconds left and Austria back in possession. 

A quick ball on Losonci on the circle, a slight bump in the back and the referee immediately indicates the penalty corner. There are still 5 seconds left. Who will take responsibility? Variation It was popular and unbelievable: Austria is in the semi-finals – final score 1: 2 (UKR vs. AUT). 


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