🏆 FIH World Cup Qualifiers : Austria men's team edge out Scotland in a shoot-out
Photo Credit : Irfon Bennett/ Austria Hockey

Austria is one step closer to qualifying for the World Cup – 3-2 win in the shoot-out against Scotland!

Austria starts the game ambitiously and has one or two good chances in the opposing circle of fire from the start. But the Scots are not hiding either. 3 minutes before the end of the 1st quarter, Scotland finds the foot of an Austrian defender and is awarded the 1st penalty corner. Scotland are already cheering – too early, as it turns out – because the ball has not yet crossed the goal line. Austria clarifies the situation and it remains 0-0.

In quarter 2 there is a very close game with alternating shooting circle scenes, but the real big chances stay away. So it goes into halftime with a goalless draw.

The third quarter starts Austria outnumbered – Lindengrün has to pause because of a green card. But the Scots cannot take advantage of this. The Austrian defense is well organized and the Scottish attacks keep getting stuck in the staggered defense. Unfortunately, the Austrian team also loses the ball far too quickly in their own build-up game. Overall, possession of the ball changes frequently and there are still no goals.

In the last quarter, Austria was awarded the first short corner 8 minutes before the end – Michi Körper kicks off and slightly pulls the flat ball next to the goal. On the other hand, Mateusz Szymczyk is and remains an important support for the team and keeps his goal clean. As in the last European Championship, the game ends in a 0-0 draw and the penalty shoot-out must bring a decision.

Here Mateusz Szymczyk becomes the match winner. He can fend off a total of 3 out of 5 penalties and Fabian Unterkircher and Daniel Fröhlich score for the Austrians. Michi Körper takes on the decisive 5th penalty. He can only be separated from the Scottish goalkeeper by a foul from the ball. He transforms the 7m that was imposed in a bombproof manner and brings Austria one step closer to qualifying for the World Cup.

Only one victory separates the Austrians from the World Cup ticket! But France – placed # 1 in the tournament – will still have an important say. The number 12 in the world rankings celebrates a clear 5-0 victory against Poland today.

The game France vs. Austria will take place on October 23, 2021 at 12:00 local time (+1 in AUT).


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