🏆 EuroHockey Championship II : Austrian men crowned EuroHockey Championship II Champions
Photo Credits : Austria Hockey

Both teams neutralize each other. Austria primarily plays from a secured half-field cover and makes the spaces narrow. Scotland have no windows to break through, but they have more play and more possession. It always becomes dangerous when the ball is lost in the build-up of the game.

Even after 7 minutes, Scotland had a huge chance of taking the lead – the Scots quickly counterattacked, but Szymczyk was there. The first quarter ends 0-0. The second quarter also starts with few scoring chances on both sides. 

In minute 21, when the Scots lose the ball, Unterkircher reacts the fastest, outplaying an opponent on the edge of the circle, but his shot just misses the goal. 3 minutes later, Robert Bele forged the ball in the direction of the goal, but the Scottish goalkeeper reacts quickly.

Austria plays safe pass combinations on the defensive, but decisive balls forward are rare. Due to the defensive style of play of the Austrians, the Scots also have a lot of possession in this quarter without any significant chances. 30 seconds before half-time, the Austrians had a moment of shock – a ball deflected by the Austrian defender jumps onto the pole and dangerously back into the field. But Szymczyk reacts quickly to prevent worse.

In minute 34 Losonci finally got the first penalty corner for Austria – unclear whether Uher wants to play a trick on the reingeber or warps the ball – in any case it remains 0-0.

Then a highly controversial situation: first penalty corner for Scotland. This is not done well and somehow comes to Struan Walker who shoots the ball with his backhand at the goal. 1-0 for Scotland and big protests by the Austrians, as the rule actually states that the first shot on goal may only be played up to a board height. The referees do not change their minds and there is no video evidence.

Now Austria has to change its tactics and act more aggressively. Subsequently, there are some shooting circle scenes, but all of them end without scoring.

The game goes into the decisive last quarter and for the time being only the time is running … 8 minutes before the end of the game Austria can again play a short corner. This is held by a Scottish player on the line – here, too, it is unclear whether the stick or the foot prevent the goal. It doesn’t matter – the referee points to the 7m point. 

Uher steps in and carries the ball towards Kreuzecke – goal and equalizer 1: 1 for Austria. 3 minutes before the end, Kölbl comes back to the shot in a promising position – unfortunately past the goal.

The Scots did not find a solution for the whole game to crack the defense of the Austrians and so it ultimately remained at 1: 1 after regular time. As in the semifinals, the penalty shoot-out decides the winner.

Unterkircher and Thörnblom meet – so do the Scots. Fröhlich took longer than the allowed 8 seconds – no goal and goalkeeper Szymczyk prevented the Scots from leading. As a result, all other players hit and the nerves are tense. 

Sudden Death now decides – every single mistake can decide the game. The score is 6-6 and the Scottish player is fouled – 7m for Scotland. Alan Forsyth – top scorer at the European Championships – takes on and his probably most important goal is thwarted by goalkeeper Szymczyk. 

The next shooter is happy – stay cool and score – GOLD FOR AUSTRIA!


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