🏆 EuroHockey Championship II : Austria's men start of European campaign with a defeat against Switzerland

Austria vs. Switzerland 0: 2 (0: 0)

In the opening game of the European Championship, Austria’s men lost 2-0 to Switzerland. Until the last quarter, the game was balanced 0-0. Austria determines the game and sets the tone, gaining one or the other chance, but ultimately the final consequence is missing in the game and especially in the opposing circle.

In addition, the Swiss are good in defense and thwart the attack attempts. Capital cannot be made from two short corners either – Uher pulls the ball past the goal.

The game rocks back and forth for a long time and often lives from “unforced errors”. It comes as it has to, from an Austrian point of view, almost out of nowhere, the Swiss go in the 48th minute through Grandchamp with 0: 1.

In the end, Austria puts everything on one card and at least tries to equalize. You take the goalie out of the game and act very aggressively with an additional field player. But the Swiss are rewarded – in the final minutes a Swiss attacker can only be stopped illegally by Hasun in a circle and in the 58th minute Stomps uses a penalty to make it 0: 2.

The Swiss Fabio Marelli is chosen as the MVP in this game.

“Hans” Tomasz Szmidt: “Today was somehow the worm inside. Unfortunately, sometimes there are games where nothing goes together – even from the bench, you are powerless. Of course, we would have imagined starting differently at the EM. Man I also have to say that Switzerland put in a very strong defensive performance and we didn’t bring enough ideas into the game today. But we will do everything we can to make it up against Scotland – we promise our fans that. ”

It should not go unmentioned that this statement was made shortly after the Austrian game. In the meantime, the result of the other two group opponents (Scotland against Ukraine) surprised: it ended with 4: 4.

Scotland seemed to be the sure winner twice in the game. They were already leading 3-0 in the first quarter – all goals were scored within 4 minutes. In the 56th minute Scotland then increased to 4-2, before Ukraine immediately afterwards with 2 goals within 2 minutes to 4-4. Excitement is still guaranteed in this group!


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