Belarus Women's Hockey team
Photo Credits : Belarus Hockey

In 2020, the champion of the country will take part in the first European Women’s Hockey League.

The EHF has updated the ranking of countries in club tournaments based on the results of the 2019 competition.

In 2020, the following teams will play in the league:

1. Netherlands (2 teams)

2. Germany (2 teams)

3. Spain (1 team)

4. England (1 team)

5. Ireland (1 team)

6. Belarus (1 team)

These are the same countries that played in the European Cup final of the European club teams in 2019, Ireland and Belarus only changed places.

Matches of the first women’s EHL will be held in parallel with the men’s in the week of Easter 2020.

The following teams will play in Trophy 2020:

1. Spain – the second team

2. England – the second team (Holcomb)

3. Belgium – the first team

4. Ireland – second team

5. Russia is the first team

6. Belarus – the second team

7. Belgium – second team

8. France – the first team


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