🌀FIH Pro League : Belgian men's team outplays Germany in their second Pro League match
Photo Credit : Benoit D.

After yesterday’s full house, the Red Lions had another meeting with their supporters and with our German neighbours. The Germans undoubtedly wanted to change things up a bit today, after yesterday’s heavy defeat.

They therefore started the game with the knife between their teeth and immediately put pressure on the Belgians. And it paid off, because after only four minutes of play Niklas Wellen converted the first PC of the match into a goal: 0-1.

The Belgians needed a few minutes to get a little more grip on the game, but gradually they got more control. After a nice pass from John-John Dohmen, it was Sebastien Dockier who scored the equalizer. After the first quarter it was 1-1.

The second quarter started again at a high pace. The Belgian midfield clearly took the upper hand, the machine was launched. In the 18th minute, Tanguy Cosyns put the Belgians ahead with a nice tip-in. A few minutes later, Victor Wegnez advanced at full speed along the left flank and again served Sebastien Dockier, who finished in a controlled manner: 3-1. The Red Lions seemed too quick for their opponents, but the Germans played realistic and took advantage of a PC in the 27th minute to come back to 3-2 with a goal from Windfeder. The Red Lions tried to raise the score before halftime, but without success.

After the break, the Belgians kept the pace high, but the Germans were not deterred. The spectators got to admire some beautiful deep passes, with Belgians playing fast and in space. For example, star Victor Wegnez found his young colleague Thibeau Stockbroeckx, who pushed the ball into the net with precision and power; 4-2.

Our opponents did not give up and remained solid in the duels. At the end of the third quarter, they tried to outwit Loic Van Doren. The young goalkeeper made two nice saves, unfortunately Hellwig’s third ball on the rebound was hit: 4-3.

In the last quarter, the pace slowed down a bit, but tempers flared. The fans present at Uccle Sport made themselves heard, hoping for new goals for the Belgians. The German goalkeeper had to work, but on the other Loic Van Doren was also a good goalkeeper. Thanks to a great collective action and a decisive pass from Antoine Kina to Nicolas De Kerpel, the latter was able to score his third goal of the weekend. It was 5-3, with less than three minutes left.

The score would not change again. Even if the result was not as tough as yesterday, it is certain that the Belgians dominated the entire weekend at all levels of play, much to the joy of the large audience present!


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