Arthur Van Doren
Inframe : Arthur Van Doren / Photo Credits : Getty Images

High on confidence, the Red Lions starting today have begun their training for the upcoming season.

The team will leave to Valencia on January 17th where two days later they will play the very first match of the brand new FIH Pro League , against Spain.

Until the end of June, there will be 15 more matches of FIH Pro League Competition, before heading to compete for the EuroHockey Championship from August 16 to 25 in Antwerp.

The following is a list of probables that will participate in the preparations for these events in 2019.

  1. Alexander Hendrickx
  2. Amaury Keusters
  3. Antoine Kina
  4. Arthur Van Doren
  5. Arthur de Sloover
  6. Augustin Meurmans
  7. Cédric Charlier
  8. Emmanuel Stockbroekx
  9. Felix Denayer
  10. Florent van Aubel
  11. Gauthier Boccard
  12. John-John Dohmen
  13. Loic Van Doren
  14. Loïck Luypaert
  15. Maxime Plennevaux
  16. Nicolas De Kerpel
  17. Nicolas Poncelet
  18. Sébastien Dockier
  19. Simon Gougnard
  20. Tanguy Cosyns
  21. Thomas Briels
  22. Tom Boon
  23. Victor Wegnez
  24. Vincent Vanasch