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Allegations of betting by Belgium Hockey players have been dismissed by the Belgium Hockey Federation board. They said there was only a request for information from the Gambling Control Commission and not a complain by any official body.

The following is an official statement released by the board through their website:

We are not aware of a judicial inquiry against certain Red Lions. There was a request for information from the Gambling Control Commission.

We do not know the number, nor the name of the Red Lions involved.

We do not know if this request for information concerns online bets on World Cup matches, or if it concerns bets on Belgian games at the World Cup.

We have not been contacted by this Commission or by any official body. We have just received a request from this commission, by e-mail, asking us to send them a number of match sheets.  the added in a statement

This involved matches between 2015 and 2018, the FIH World League, the Champions Trophy and the World Cup, as well as matches of the EuroHockey League (clubs) and the Belgian Audi Hockey League. At present, this Commission has not communicated anything about this.

We contacted each player in India and asked if they were involved in online betting on World Cup matches. None of them responded in the positive.

Tuesday afternoon, the players who were not taken back to the active core in India at the World Cup (due to injury or non-selection), but have now reinstated the expanded core of the Red Lions, were also interviewed.

It is possible that some of these players bet small amounts of money on matches of the Belgian team, while they were not part of the team at this time. We are examining this issue in more detail.

That’s all we know and have done so far. If we were to be confronted with a confirmation of proven facts, we would give all our cooperation to the competent authorities and we reserve the right to act / react appropriately.