🇧🇪 Hockey Belgium : Belgium Hockey Federation names Women’s Junior World Cup squad
Photo Credit : Hockey Belgium

The KBHB is pleased to announce the 2021 Junior World Cup selections for the Belgian U21 women’s team. The girls selected below will represent their country from December 5-16 in Potchefstroom, South Africa, and face England, Uruguay and Canada in the group stage of the tournament.

The squad will be coached by Darran Bisley as T1 and Gilles Verdussen as assistant coach.

Belgium U-21 Women’s Squad : 

1. Juliette Grignard (Leopold)
2. Maud Dewelde (Herakles)
3. Vanessa Blockmans (Kampong)
4. Juliette Duquesne (Racing)
5. Agathe Willems (Racing)
6. Hélène Brasseur (La Gantoise)
7. Zoë Dujardin (Braxgata)
8. Lore Hillewaert (Braxgata)
9. Astrid Bonami (Oree)
10. Justine Rasir (Racing)
11. Charlotte Englebert (Racing)
12. Anne-Sophie Roels (La Gantoise)
13. Lyne van Dieren (Braxgata)
14. Delphine Marien (Dragons)
15. Lucie Breyne (Waterloo Ducks)
16. France De Mot (Racing)
17. Noa Schreurs (La Gantoise)
18. Ambre Ballenghien (La Gantoise)

19. Anne-Sophie Vanden Borre (La Gantoise)
20. Emily White (Waterloo Ducks)


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