IndvsPak : Two epic clashes are lined up as Virat Kohli and boys take on Pakistan in the final of the Champions Trophy at the Oval while the Indian and Pakistani hockey teams will also be crossing swords in the Hockey World League (HWL) semi-finals.

Fans on both sides of the border are very passionate when it comes to sports, especially when it involves the two neighbours. Emotions run high as both sides are always expected to get the better of the other.

Twitter is witnessing all the hype and it can be seen in the many tweets which are bombarding already. Here are some of the best reactions.

But Twitter’s best contribution, by far, is the fake account of famous Cricketer, Ravinder Jadeja

This tweet of , which was also sent out ahead of the #IndvsPak #HWL2017 Semi-Final match, is very popular, being retweeted some 384 times. Follow @SirJadeja on Twitter.

Follow the Hockey Match Live:

Match begins at 14:00 Hours BST. For live commentary and updates, one can follow our ive blog on You can also follow us on Twitter@dragflickworld/@dragflickscores. Instagram @dragflickworld Facebook @dragflickworld. Our Live blog will give you play by play commentary, live updates, social reactions and much more.



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