Field Hockey Canada’s James Wallace has always been destined for greatness since his teenage days.
Having made his debut in 2016 at the Junior Pan American Championship, international recognition wasn’t too far behind for this youngster.
This Vancouver born’s backstory is Hollywood stuff and significant for the Canada Men’s Field Hockey Team.
Wallace, a special talent is a proof of the saying “If you’re good enough, you’re old enough.”
At 19, Field Hockey Canada’s James Wallace has played one Junior World Cup (2016), one Senior World cup (2018), one Junior Pan American Championship (2016) and has now set his eyes on playing his first Pan American (Senior) Game in Lima.
In a quick interview with The DragFlick ahead of the Pan American Games 2019 in Lima, the 19-year old tells us how he got initiated in field hockey, how he feels about being selected and the person who inspired him the most.
The DragFlick : Hi James, at what age did you start playing hockey?
James: I was 12 when i started playing hockey. I have played both ice hockey and field hockey.
DF: How does it feel to be selected for the Pan American Games 2019?
J: I am incredibly privileged and honoured to be selected. I am very grateful for the opportunity to help this team get one more step closer to the Tokyo Olympic 2020.
DF: You are so young. How do you balance playing hockey and studying? 
I try and always be on top of my schoolwork and make sure I am organized so that my studies don’t hinder my training.
DF: Who/What inspired you to take up hockey?
When I was a kid, friends in my soccer team introduced me to Hockey. I’ve been playing ever since then.
DF: Can you talk about one person who impacted your life. 
I have to say, Brenden Bissett who currently also plays for the Canadian team has had a huge impact on my life. From a young age, he has always been like a big brother to me.
We played in the same club growing up. He used to coach me. He was there for me when I needed him most. It is a privilege to be able to play alongside him now.
DF: Wow, your parents must be very proud of you. What has their contribution been to where you are currently?
I have incredible support from my parents. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. They support me in every way possible and I can’t thank them enough.
The Canadian men’s hockey team, ranked 10th in the world will open their Pan American Games campaign against Mexico on July 30th 2019.
The winner of the Pan American Games will automatically qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.
Despite several nations taking part in each rendition of the Pan American Games, only Argentina and Canada have ever claimed the gold medal in men’s field hockey category.
The Canadian Men’s National Team last won gold at the 2007 Pan Am Games and have since followed it up with two silver medals at the 2011 and 2015 Games.


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