🇩🇪 Germany Hockey : Carola Morgenstern-Meyer's era ends after 16 years
Photo Credit : DHB Hockey

Next Saturday, September 18, a long phase in the Executive Board of the European Hockey Federation (EHF) will end for DHB President Carola Morgenstern-Meyer.

In 2005, the Cologne native was elected for the first time as a member of the highest decision-making body in European hockey. Since 2011 she has been Vice President of the EHF.

At the digital General Assembly of the EHF, however, a German candidate will again be available to help shape the Executive Board: Gabriele Lemmle from Munich has been proposed for election by the DHB.

“I will keep my time in the EHF very fondly,” said Carola Morgenstern-Meyer. “Thanks to the intensive work in the various committees, I have made many good friends from all over the world. I am very pleased that with Gabriele Lemmle we were able to win a candidate for election to the Executive Board, who could certainly help the European association with her long marketing experience and her big heart for hockey. ”

Gabriele Lemmle, who, after having worked at Apple and Texas Instruments, has been working for the BMW Group in Munich for almost 25 years and is currently Head of Aftersales Communications there, has been supporting the German Hockey Association on the Marketing Advisory Board for two years. As the mother of a hockey-playing son, she founded the hockey department of the Höhenkirchen Spielvereinigung in southeast Munich in 2007, which now includes over 250 players with twelve teams in the league.

Lemmle is applying for the office of female member of the EHF Board with Pamela Michaelis from France and Magdalena Nazaret from Poland. As Morgenstern-Meyer’s successor for the office of Vice President, the Irish Inez Cooper is the sole candidate. The Austrian incumbent Walter Kapounek and the Spaniard Markos Hofmann are two candidates for election as Male Vice President.

In the event of non-election, Kapounek or Hofmann will each be able to vote for the office of male board member – alongside the Dutchman Peter Elders and the Belgian Patrick Keusters. All candidates who have not been elected by then would also apply for the only outstanding position of board member that is not decided on a gender-specific election.

The position of EHF President is not up for election at this year’s Assembly, as the last possible term of office of the Dutchwoman Marijke Fleuren (since 2012) will last until 2023.


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