🏅U-22 JPAC : Chile women's team outclass Trinidad & Tobago in their second JPAC match
Photo Credit : Rodrigo Jaramillo - WorldSportpics / PAHF

Women: Trinidad & Tobago v Chile (0-11)

Despite a suffered start last weekend when las diablitas of Chile faced the United States, today they celebrated their second game and ticket to the semifinals that situate them in second place in pool B.

During this fourth day of the Pan American Championship, Trinidad and Tobago faced Chile, being a match mainly in favor of the locals, who made 11 goals and make the difference from minute 4 ‘of the game.

The first goal – which would later repeat the celebration – was from the player Fernanda Arrieta after four minutes.

The score that ended at 11-0 was led with three goals by player number 10, Simone Avelli, followed by Fernanda Ramirez (2), Dominga Lüders, Antonia Irazoqui, Constanza Jugo, Carolina Mujica.

This Thursday, las diablas will face Canada in the semifinal.


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