China : Squad announced for Odisha Men’s Hockey World Cup 2018
Photo Credits : Getty Images

The Chinese Hockey Association has announced the Chinese men’s national team who will compete at the upcoming Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup Bhubaneswar 2018.

China will play their first ever World Cup

For the first time in its history, China has qualified to a men’s World Cup. The newcomers sit in Group B with Australia, England and Ireland.

China Men’s team :

  1. Guo Xiaoping
  2. Ao Zhiwei
  3. Guan Quyang
  4. Ao Suozhu
  5. E Wenhui
  6. Ao Yang
  7. Meng Dihao
  8. Su Jun
  9. Meng Nan
  10. Su Wenlin
  11. Su Lixing
  12. Du Chen
  13. Du Talake
  14. Guo Zixiang
  15. E Wenlong
  16. Wang Caiyu
  17. Ao Weibao
  18. Guo Jin