🇨🇱 Chile Hockey : Club Rocas de Santo Domingo held a Hockey Clinic in Santo Domingo
Photo Credit : Chile Hockey

A weekend full of emotions was lived for our hockey. This time it was not because of our national tournament, nor our national teams, but because the effort made by the Federation and different institutions that seek to mass hockey in the country, has paid off.

Club Rocas de Santo Domingo: putting a hockey seed

Last Sunday, the Club Rocas de Santo Domingo , together with the Federation and different authorities in the area, held a hockey clinic in which about 90 boys and girls from the sector participated, and who were able to live, in some cases, for the first time what it’s like to play hockey.

The clinic, which was directed by Las Diablas coaches, Sergio ‘Cachito’ Vigil and Diego Amoroso , had a tremendous reception from the people who were part of the activity. Diego Amoroso highlighted the initiative and the reception that there was of the activity “It was an extraordinary experience, as always those that generate projects like this, of initiation and growth in this sport. There were a lot of people. In total there were about 90 boys and girls with whom we had the opportunity to share and enjoy ” said the coach.

The activity was carried out in three different instances, divided by categories: boys from 5 to 8 years old, where the approach was more playful; young people between 15 and 17 years old, where the focus was more on the technical side; and young people from 10-12 years old to 14 where the aforementioned approaches were combined.

Ana María Rodríguez , president of the Club Rocas de Santo Domingo , thanked the initiative “for us it was really an incredible experience. The children were super excited. This is a club that has several participants from the area. This allows us to continue growing and expanding hockey in Chile ” .

In addition, were present authorities in the area, as the mayor of Santo Domingo, Dino Lotito Flores , who welcomed the initiative and said he was proud of the instance “Hockey today has a lot of followers in Santo Domingo and is very nice to see that there many children who are practicing this sport. I am very proud and grateful to the club for all the effort they have given, ”he said, accompanied by councilors Fernando Cornejo and Matías Rodríguez.

This instance joins another activity carried out this weekend: The Campanario de Buin School inaugurated its synthetic hockey field , an activity in which Las Diablas coach Sergio Vigil participated together with Josefa Salas and Sofía Machado , Las Diablas players and recent Pan American champions Francisco Cerda and Pedro Hernández . One more step to continue bringing sport to more corners of the country.



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