🇩🇪 Germany Hockey : Coach André Henning names squad for FIH Pro League match against India
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Dragflick Newsdesk : The German men’s national team is going into the newly scheduled games against India on April 14th and 15th with numerous new players. National coach Henning sees the games as both a sporting adventure and an opportunity for the Honamas debutants.

On April 14 (4:00 p.m. CET) and April 15 (1:30 p.m. CET), the Honamas will meet the Indian selection in the FIH Pro League in Bhubaneswar in eastern India.

For the team of national coach André Henning it is the first meeting with India since the game for third place at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which the Germans lost dramatically 4:5 and thus just missed out on the bronze medal. Originally, the Honamas should have met India in mid-March.

However, several positive corona tests shortly before departure for Bhubaneswar prevented the two teams from meeting.

However, the games against India will not be comparable to those at the Olympic Games. The German team is traveling to Bhubaneswar with many ambitious players from the young Honamas generation.

Twelve players alone will have the opportunity to make their Honamas debut. The most experienced players in the squad are Martin Zwicker, Dieter-Enrique Linnekogel and goalkeeper Alexander Stadler, with Linnekogel celebrating his comeback after a few years without playing.

The following players are traveling to India without international experience: Paul Glander, Julius Hayner, Philipp Holzmüller, Michael Hummel, Niclas Schippan, Max Silanoglu, Paul Smith, Florian Sperling, Michael Struthoff, Hugo von Montgelas and Maximilian Werner.

In particular, due to the Euro Hockey League taking place at Easter, some players are missing from the German men’s squad. André Henning is happy to have so many talented players available and sees an opportunity for these players to present themselves.

“National team careers can start at the games and some players can draw attention to themselves with their comeback,” says Henning.

It is quite certain that India is the clear favorite in this constellation. The German team is expecting a big challenge, but Henning expects the team to be brave and self-confident and each individual to show what they’re made of.

This is the roster the Honamas will take on against India:

No. Surname vintage Internationals / Goals
74 Jean Danneberg (TW) 2002 1/0
1 Alexander Stadler (TW) 1999 25/0
80 Anton Boeckel 1995 24/3
61 Paul Glander 2005 0 / 0
63 Julius Hayner 2000 0 / 0
65 Philip Holzmuller 2001 0 / 0
43 Michael Hummel 1997 0 / 0
48 Dieter Enrique Linnekogel 1992 71 / 9
35 Hannes Wulf Muller 2000 9/1
28 Moritz Rothlaender 1997 19/4
66 Nicholas Schippan 2000 0 / 0
21 Benedict Schwarzhaupt 2001 8/0
82 Max Silanoglu 1995 0 / 0
37 PaulSmith 2000 0 / 0
93 Florian Sperling 2002 0 / 0
41 Michael Struthoff 2003 0 / 0
Hugh of Montgelas 2004 0 / 0
99 Maximilian Werner 1997 0 / 0
39 Luca Wolff 2001 1/0
20 Martin Zwicker 1987 267 / 24


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