🇳🇱 Netherlands Hockey : Coach Jeroen Delmée names 22 players for FIH Pro League training camp
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Dragflick Newsdesk : The national coach of the Dutch Men’s Team, Jeroen Delmée, will start on January 4 with the same training group with which he played two matches in the FIH Pro League in November against Belgium. Two players from Young Oranje Heren also join the Orange squad on the basis of an internship.

The Dutch Men’s Team will stay in Spain from January 12 to 23, where the team will play five exhibition games against France, England (2x) and Spain (2x).

The current training group consists of the following players:

First Name Last Name Association
Lars Balk Kampong
Teun Beins Bloemendaal
Koen Bijen Den Bosch
Pirmin Blaak (GK) Oranje-Rood
Thierry Brinkman Bloemendaal
Jasper Brinkman Bloemendaal
Jorrit Croon Bloemendaal
Thijs Dam, van Rotterdam
Jelle Galema Oranje-Rood
Jonas Geus, de Kampong
Steijn Heijningen, van HGC
Tjep Hoedemakers Rotterdam
Jip Janssen Kampong
Derk Meijer (GK) Rotterdam
Joep Mol, de Oranje-Rood
Terrance Pieters Kampong
Tijmen Reijenga Den Bosch
Tim Swaen Bloemendaal
Derck Vilder, de Kampong
Maurits Visser (GK) Bloemendaal
Imre Vos Den Bosch
Dennis Warmerdam Pinoké
Floris Wortelboer Bloemendaal


Delmée and his staff have invited Young Orange players David Huussen (Little Switzerland) and Guus Jansen (Rotterdam) to participate in the training internship in Spain. In their case, it concerns an internship. Justen Blok (Rotterdam), who previously played for the Orange squad and recently also played the U21 World Cup in India, is also not part of the training group. He is recovering from surgery.

Delmée has been in contact with Seve van Ass (HGC), Jeroen Hertzberger (Rotterdam), Robbert Kemperman (Kampong) and Sander de Wijn (Kampong). None of these players are joining at the moment.

Delmée: ‘I am happy with the development of the current training group. I think it is important that this group has the time to take the next steps together. We made clear agreements with Seve, Jeroen, Robbert and Sander de Wijn in September. Seve is now open to a return but is currently working on his physique.

It is not wise for him to join at this point. After consultation with Jeroen and Sander, it turned out that they are currently unable to give the commitment necessary for a new period at Orange. I already made an agreement with Robbert in September that he might not come back into the picture until March.’

The first official duels of the Dutch Men’s Team in 2022 are scheduled for 8, 9, 12 and 13 February in South Africa. Opponents of Orange are South Africa and Canada. Due to the corona pandemic, it is not yet clear whether these duels in the FIH Pro League can be played as planned.


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