🇦🇷 Argentina Hockey : Coach Mariano Ronconi names three Captains to lead the new era Argentina Men's Hockey team

The Argentine men’s team will have three captains in the new process started after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, which also coincided with the retirement of the historic Pedro Ibarra.

The new determination emerged from the coaching staff headed by Mariano Ronconi, replacing the old figure of the captain and sub-captains and those chosen are Matías Rey, Agustín Mazzilli and Maico Casella.

The choice was not capricious. The three are leaders of the three generations of the selected team and represent them.

Ronconi explained:

“We took an example of a foreign national team and we thought that the decision was the correct one. With Matías Vila and Ezequiel Paulón, the other members of the coaching staff, we decided on the three of them. The team liked the idea very well and they immediately accepted. ”

It is worth noting that the one who will carry the ribbon will be King, although, as Ronconi clarified, “in a selected team the captain not only wears the ribbon. His is broader. That is why we lean towards three captains. Suddenly, due to a generational issue, yes a new boy is restless, perhaps he has a greater affinity with Maico than with Matías or Agustín “.

Matías Rey, about to turn 37 years old, is one of the Olympic champions of Rio de Janeiro 2016. With a long career, he also played the Tokyo 2020 Games. It is worth noting that his brother Lucas, now the Leoncitos coach, was also captain of the national team.

Agustín Mazzilli, 32, played his third Olympic Games in Tokyo as he also played in London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro, where he scored a goal in the famous final against Belgium.

And Maico Casella, 24, was an Olympian for the first time in Tokyo but he was also the captain of the Ronconi cycle in front of the junior.


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