🇵🇱 Poland Hockey : Coach Norbert Nederlof appointed as Head Coach of Polish Women’s Hockey Team
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Dragflick Newsdesk : The Polish women’s team has a new coach. This is 68-year-old Dutchman Norbert Nederlof.

In November, the current women’s team selector Janusz Micał resigned. Dawid Zimnicki became the team’s temporary coach. At the same time, the Polish Grass Hockey Association started working on hiring a new coach by organizing a competition.

Ultimately, the PZHT Board decided that Norbert Nederlof would be the new manager of the Polish women’s national team. He is a 68-year-old Dutchman. Nederlof has been a field hockey coach for almost 30 years.

He was the first coach and assistant in many Dutch and Belgian clubs. He has also worked as a coach of the men’s national team of Egypt and Croatia, and a co-coach of the men’s national team of the Netherlands. Currently, Nederlof is the sports director of the Dutch club Leiden.

The 68-year-old is an extremely experienced trainer. He also has extensive theoretical knowledge. He completed many courses of the Dutch Federation, EHF and FIH. Posada licenses FIH Hockey Academy, FIH Hockey Academy educator and FIH Senior Coach. In addition, Nederlof has seven publications on field hockey to his credit.

– Working in Poland is very attractive to me. I like your country very much. I’ve read a lot about it. Together with the Croatian national team, we played several times with the Polish national team. I like the Polish mentality, I am interested in the cultural heritage of Poland and I would like to get to know it better – says Norbert Nederlof.

The first challenge for the new coach will be the qualification for the European Championship. The Qualifying Tournament will be held August 18-21 in Dublin. The white and red rivals will be Ireland, the Czech Republic and Turkey.

– We chose this coach mainly because he presented a very interesting idea for the Polish national team – says Rafał Grotowski.

– PZHT wants the Dutch to develop this young and perspective team. The result in the qualifying tournament for the European Championship in Ireland will also be important for us.

Nederlof will meet the white and reds for the first time at the training event in April. The contract with the Dutchman was signed for 12 months with an option to extend it for further years.


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