The Danish Hockey Union wants to strengthen the judges’ side in both the short and long term, and therefore seeks to develop a group of “Judge bubblers”.

In Danish hockey, we have several good examples that education and experience as a judge can give exciting challenges and experiences abroad, as league judges in Denmark can be nominated for tasks in the EHF.


The long-term goal is to create more judges who can act as league judges in Denmark (both women’s and men’s league), and at the same time to strengthen the quality generally of judges in Danish hockey.


The primary target group is youth players aged 15 to 18 who have already acted as judges in connection with youth matches, and who also have an interest in becoming a judge.


When we have an overview of the group’s size, the education will be facilitated. We expect it to be a mix of:

  • Education Collections
  • Judge assignments in interaction with current league judges
  • Judge assignments attended by Umpire Manager (UM) with a view to sparring during breaks and subsequent feedback


Initially, the goal is to complete youth playoffs indoors in 2020 and subsequent years with the full judge-set up of “Judge bubblers” supported by Umpire Manager.

Before then and afterwards, the judge’s tasks will be in close interaction with the clubs in the youth ranks supplemented with the men’s 1st division and the women’s league.


If you would like to participate, please send an email with name, contact information, and a little about your judicial experience to with “Judge bubbles” in the subject field.


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