As part of the Youth Hockey Support project, coaching mentor, Tomislav Jamicic, came to Slovakia to conduct a coaching development course.
Tomislav is one of the leading mentors in the European Hockey Federation for the “Coaches 4 Europe” program.
The Slovak Association of Field Hockey offered an excellent opportunity for all who were interested in participating in the aforementioned project.
The course was conducted over a period of two days in the last weekend of September in Bratislava and Šenkvíce. 
Each participant had to prepare their own training and present it to others who were actively involved in the course.
On the last day, 12 children came to Bratislava to play actively in their home clubs. 
Young hockey players listened actively, learned new things and improved, but mainly enjoyed hockey. 
Coach Tomislav gave everyone feedback on what to do, which was well thought out, but mainly gave his practical coaching and hockey advice.
In conclusion, all participants agreed that it was an amazing weekend full of hockey, fun.
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