Lee Namyong
Lee Namyong

On March 30th 2019, Korea lifted the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup for the third time as they edged India 4-2 on penalties following a 1-1 draw.

But, what really left everyone’s jaws on the ground, was Skipper Lee Namyong’s incredible masterpiece trick shot.

This incredible trick-shot baffled over a million social media users in under 24 hours and sent hockey fans and supporters into euphoria, with many insisting they cannot believe the manner of the victory.

The speed with which Lee entered the circle, maintaining the distance of the ball from his body, so he could lift the ball, not letting it bounce, then lobbing it over the Indian keeper into the net, looked so easeful, so understated, that it was momentarily hard to process.

A video uploaded by Astro Arena showing his brilliant technique soon went viral, amassing more than a million views and turning Lee Namyong into an quintessential internet-age hockey star.

Lee has been a part of the Korean squad for nearly two decades, played 270+ matches for them, and scored a total of six goals in the tournament. But the beauty and impudence of this shot— was clear to all.

Watching replays of the goal, you marvel above all at the bravery and dynamism of Lees idea. What was he thinking? What made him use this skill? Why did he take such a huge risk?

This goal was extremely remarkable, not only because of the skills being used but because it also showed Lees mental strength, his conviction and his supernatural talent. Lee saw something we didn’t even consider.

I have seen many intense goals at shoot-outs but this one was purely scintillating. Skill wise Lee has changed the whole acumen of scoring at shootouts.

Lee’s goal was magical and dreamy. The skill used for this goal has given goalkeepers and goalkeeper trainers a lot to think about. They are already looking into ways to stop this kind of a goal.

Moving forward, it will be really interesting to see if players around the globe will like to take this much risk or will come up with some other surprising and hidden ways to score.

This goal skill has given the hockey fraternity the opportunity to go more in depth and explore this beautiful sport.

That said, if I reflect for just a little too long, I can only say that Lee has opened a new window for the coming generations.

Bravo to the Korean Skipper, and here’s hoping we get to witness many more classical finishes like these.


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